2017 Stan Fowler Telethon

December 7th 2017

,. Stan Fowler Christmas Telethon Changes
Press Release

On behalf of Schumacher Lions Club and Stan Fowler Christmas Fund, I wish to thank you for coming today and hope that you can help us spread the word about our many changes to the Stan Fowler Telethon. First, I want to ensure everyone that we will definitely be providing assistance this Christmas to needy families in the form of food vouchers as we have for the past 50 years. Next, I would like to Thank CTV for the amazing support they have provided the Stan Fowler Telethon over the years, without them we could not have lasted this long and helped so many families during the Christmas season. The reason we called this press conference was to announce that we would not be doing a Telethon this year. Due to cutbacks at CTV, they notified us that they could no longer partner with us as well as the rising costs to produce the telethon from production costs, equipment rentals and declining pledge support the committee decided that we would move in a different direction regarding our Stan Fowler Fundraising. Last year we raised $70000 in pledges however, $14000 of these pledges were not honored leaving us with $56000. The production costs were $40439 leaving a net of $15561. We gave out $32780 in food vouchers so we actually gave out more than we took in. Fortunately, we have kept a contingency fund for these years so we can ensure we help as many families as possible each year. We had a similar issue in 2015 so you can see it was just not feasible to continue with the Telethon. With that said, we decided to go back to our roots so to speak and we are very happy to be working with Moose FM to put on a Radiothon this year airing Dec 7 2017. ALL proceeds of this event will be going to the Stan Fowler Fund in support of needy families at Christmas. As we realize we will not have the same coverage as a Telethon with CTV we are hoping you can help us spread the word so that we can raise as much as possible to support this very worthwhile cause. Because no one should go hungry. We are also going to be doing a draw for Stars and Thunder tickets, the winners will be drawn and announced live during the Radiothon as well with ALL proceeds going to the Stan Fowler Christmas Fund.